"The Oxbow EMR makes practicing medicine fun again."

"The Oxbow EMR has improved my ability to charge for the appropriate level of service."

"I love the Oxbow EMR!"

"I couldn't run my practice, at least not profitably, without the Oxbow EMR."

Ease & Speed

  • Outrageously easy.

  • Blazingly fast.

  • Faster than paper or dictation.

  • New user support: handwriting and dictation


  • Automated charting.

  • Real-time Decision Support.

  • Proactive Medicine.

  • Fully automated Quality reporting.


  • Flat monthly fee.

  • No upfront fee.

  • No hidden fees.

  • No add-on module fees.

  • No update or maintenance fees.

  • Hardware and installation included.

  • Hardware under warranty for life.

What is the Oxbow EMR?

There are many Electronic Medical Record and documentation systems on the market. Also referred to as EMR’s, or EHR’s if you’re a hospital). With ONC-ATCB Meaningful Use certification process, most modern EMR’s provide basic documentation, e-prescribing, direct digital lab integration, and will enable you to stop storing and searching for paper charts.

You’ve probably also heard the horror stories, the nightmares. As physicians, we all have colleagues who talk about spending extra hours entering data every day compared with their old paper chart days, thanks to their “time-saving” EMR or EHR. We hear or fell the stress on staff struggling to submit all the data needed to meet the Meaningful Use reporting requirements. Hospitals encourage “free” systems that actually cost tens of thousands of dollars per physician after adding compliance, module, maintenance and all the other hidden fees. The web-based systems that seem like good low-cost options, just a little slow, until you realize that you can’t see a patient at all if the Internet goes down, potentially costing seconds or minutes that make the difference between life and death.

"The deciding factor for me, the reason Oxbow stood out from the crowd, was its attention to quality measures and managing population data."

"We trained for 4 hours on Sunday and on Monday we saw 30 patients. Each patient was entered into the EMR system and we were able to leave the clinic on time."

"...the query function allows me to search my patient database to find out who is overdue for preventative care..."

"We increased our billings in the first week using the Oxbow EMR."

"The Oxbow team [has] been very helpful throughout the entire process of implementation."

"The Oxbow EMR allows me to complete the entire encounter at the time the patient is present."

"...the reason Oxbow stood out from the crowd, was its attention to quality measures and managing population data."

"In a small solo practice, efficiency is just as important as a large busy practice...Oxbow meets all my needs and does it incred ibly well!"

"My staff consists of mainly high school graduates with minimal computer training and they were able to use the system from day one."

"I would highly recommend it [the Oxbow EMR] to anyone wanting an efficient, easy to use system, which is extremely fast."

"The OWL component has made communication much simpler."

"I am no longer having to stay late to dictate charts."

"I am no longer having to stay late to dictate charts."

So how do you choose the EMR that will be best for your practice? If all the EMR options are really just replacing one set of problems with new, more expensive problems?

We suggest you take a look at the first un-EMR. Let us have one of our physician-users give you private webinar demo of the Oxbow EMR.

Oxbow EMR is different, very different. As the first un-EMR, it is simply the fastest, easiest EMR ever created. Designed by private practice physicians to help them run their practices, it’s even faster and easier than paper, while delivering a higher quality of patient-oriented care than possible through a hospital system. Includes full Meaningful Use certification and all clinical modules. There are no hidden or add-on costs.

Enter all data while you talk with the patient by keyboard, handwriting on the included tablets, or voice recognition. By the time you or the patient leaves the room, you’re done and the superbill is ready to go.

As a private practice, you probably don’t have an IT department. Oxbow provides all the hardware, forever with no upfront or additional costs, and is responsible for keeping your network up and running.

The Oxbow EMR provides the speed and up-time only possible in a locally hosted system, with the accessibility and data-backup of a web system.

And if you’re thinking all of this with no upfront cost must come at a high monthly fee, let us assure you, the Oxbow EMR is designed with the small private practice budget in mind. For just a few hundred dollars per month, you get it all. Hardware, installation, support, e-prescribing, lab and procedural interface to your hospital, everything.

Contact us to learn more or request a free private webinar demo of the Oxbow EMR by a real physician who uses the system to see real patients every day.