"The Oxbow EMR makes practicing medicine fun again."

"The Oxbow EMR has improved my ability to charge for the appropriate level of service."

"I love the Oxbow EMR!"

"I couldn't run my practice, at least not profitably, without the Oxbow EMR."

Ease & Speed

  • Outrageously easy.

  • Blazingly fast.

  • Faster than paper or dictation.

  • New user support: handwriting and dictation


  • Automated charting.

  • Real-time Decision Support.

  • Proactive Medicine.

  • Fully automated Quality reporting.


  • Flat monthly fee.

  • No upfront fee.

  • No hidden fees.

  • No add-on module fees.

  • No update or maintenance fees.

  • Hardware and installation included.

  • Hardware under warranty for life.

Easier than paper. Faster than dictation. Tools to improve the Quality of care. Outstanding Value.

Outrageously Easy to use, and oh so Fast

Nearly everything is available on one of two screens. No data is ever more than one touch or click away.

Receive labs digitally. When you do get a fax, receive it directly in Oxbow with no need for a separate fax machine. And when you still receive paper in the mail, scan it directly into the patient record.

Oxbow automates nearly every possible function. Many of these automations are patent pending, so you simply will not find these in any other system. They can only be found on the un-EMR.

The entire system can be easily customized in moments to maximize your efficiency without needing to pay a vendor thousands.

"The deciding factor for me, the reason Oxbow stood out from the crowd, was its attention to quality measures and managing population data."

"We trained for 4 hours on Sunday and on Monday we saw 30 patients. Each patient was entered into the EMR system and we were able to leave the clinic on time."

"...the query function allows me to search my patient database to find out who is overdue for preventative care..."

"We increased our billings in the first week using the Oxbow EMR."

"The Oxbow team [has] been very helpful throughout the entire process of implementation."

"The Oxbow EMR allows me to complete the entire encounter at the time the patient is present."

"...the reason Oxbow stood out from the crowd, was its attention to quality measures and managing population data."

"In a small solo practice, efficiency is just as important as a large busy practice...Oxbow meets all my needs and does it incred ibly well!"

"My staff consists of mainly high school graduates with minimal computer training and they were able to use the system from day one."

"I would highly recommend it [the Oxbow EMR] to anyone wanting an efficient, easy to use system, which is extremely fast."

"The OWL component has made communication much simpler."

"I am no longer having to stay late to dictate charts."

"I am no longer having to stay late to dictate charts."

The Oxbow-provided local server (no additional cost) ensures the system always runs at blazing speed, even if the Internet is down or slow. Secure connection to Oxbow’s Internet-based server automates all backup and provides access when you’re out of the office. You get all the ease-of-use benefits of a web-based system, without the risks to patient life and performance problems unavoidable with web or cloud-based EMR's/EHR's.

The underlying InterSystems Caché database system consistently tests as the fastest available for the dynamic data tables required for good medical documentation. This is the same database backbone used by the UK health system and the entire Veterans Affairs Health System. Oxbow has delivered this power and speed to the private practice.

Oxbow will review your office configuration and prepare an implementation and data import plan with you. We will come to your office and install everything, including networking. All you need to provide is space for the full Windows 7 tablet computers to charge, some room at your front desk for a compact computer with a 22” flat screen, a small space for an energy-efficient green server, and an Internet connection for data backup, labs, and e-prescribing.

Contact us to see how fast and easy the Oxbow EMR or, better yet, request a free private webinar by a real physician who uses the system to see real patients every day.

Tools to Improve the Quality of Care

Real-time Patient-Specific Quality of Quality Reminders™ (patent pending) automate the standards of care. They update instantly as you enter patient history, diagnoses, patient demographics, and other patient-specific data. Quality Reminders would not be helpful if they were hidden on another screen, so they are always there it view, during the patient encounter. Clear the list of all Quality Reminders, and you know that you have met the standards of care.

The same list of Quality Reminders is visible to the administrative staff. If a patient needs a procedure, and calls for an appointment, even the receptionist can be automatically prompted to check if the patient already had, for example, her mammogram, before she comes back to see you.

Example 1: If an adult patient is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, the system may immediately (depending on other patient history) prompt the practitioner to prescribe a statin

Example 2: If the patient is a male smoker, between 65 and 75 years old, the system will prompt the practitioner to perform abdominal aortic aneurism screening.

Oxbow’s Easy Query System™ (patent pending) enables anyone, even with no computer experience, to build simple or advanced queries in seconds to find patients. This enables a whole new form of proactive medicine.

Example 1: The practice receives a limited number of H1N1 Flu Vaccine doses. Create a query in seconds to identify at-risk patients based on age and diagnoses. Then proactively call them to come in for a vaccine, increasing revenue and patient appreciation.

Example 2: A new report shows interaction between two drugs. Create a query in seconds to find all patients prescribed both drugs and immediately contact them to change their prescriptions.

Improved Internal Communication with OWL’s (Outstanding Work Lists) means translates to better care for patients.

OWL’s are Oxbow’s integrated messaging, alarm, and scheduling system. Send an OWL with a future delivery date and it’s an alarm. Use to forward data between practice staff members. All OWL’s are always available, similar to an e-mail list, but also associated with patients or procedures to immediately open all relevant information.

Contact us to see the Oxbow EMR provides you with the tools to help you improve the quality of care, or request a private webinar by a real physician who uses the system to see real patients every day.

Outstanding Value for Private Practice

With Oxbow EMR, unlike most other EMR or EHR systems, the entire feature set is available for a flat monthly fee. Many features of this are patent-pending and are not available in any other system. The pricing model and unique features are why Oxbow EMR is the first un-EMR.

There are no upfront costs, no maintenance fees, no add-on modules, no hidden costs. Everything is included. By everything we mean: hardware, installation, training, all updates forever, warranty on all hardware forever (even replacing when it inevitably becomes obsolete), e-prescribing, lab support, EKG hardware support, etc.

If you are participating in the government’s Meaningful Use or Patient Centered Medical Home grants, they more than pay the entire cost of the EMR for years. Further, complying with Meaningful Use includes onerous and expensive reporting requirements. Oxbow automates most of these for you, saving you the hefty expense of hiring additional support, just to keep up with these new reporting obligations.

Speed and ease of use equate to value in a way you may not have considered. If the Oxbow EMR saves a physician 1 minute per patient, and if you see 24 patients per day, that’s 24 minutes or 1 additional patient per day with no impact to your daily schedule. At standard billing rates, that’s an extra $18k per year, or multiples of the cost of the Oxbow system. Studies show that other EMR’s/EHR’s, by contrast, typically add 2 hours per day of additional data entry compared with paper charts.

The Oxbow EMR includes an automatic Level of Visit calculator, right on the screen as you see each patient. Users have found this simple tool significantly increases their correct billing and total revenue.

Contact us to see how the Oxbow EMR delivers incredible value well beyond its cost and ask for a free private webinar by a real physician who uses the system to see real patients every day.