"The Oxbow EMR makes practicing medicine fun again."

"The Oxbow EMR has improved my ability to charge for the appropriate level of service."

"I love the Oxbow EMR!"

"I couldn't run my practice, at least not profitably, without the Oxbow EMR."

Ease & Speed

  • Outrageously easy.

  • Blazingly fast.

  • Faster than paper or dictation.

  • New user support: handwriting and dictation


  • Automated charting.

  • Real-time Decision Support.

  • Proactive Medicine.

  • Fully automated Quality reporting.


  • Flat monthly fee.

  • No upfront fee.

  • No hidden fees.

  • No add-on module fees.

  • No update or maintenance fees.

  • Hardware and installation included.

  • Hardware under warranty for life.

Private Practice

For most of us in private practice, we don’t have an IT department, or a hospital budget to pay huge upfront fees. Our needs further diverge from hospitals, because many of the in-patient features that are essential to a good hospital EMR have no place in a private practice. Oxbow understands this.

The Oxbow EMR includes all the hardware needed and maintains it for as long as you stay with Oxbow. Even when the computers inevitably become obsolete, Oxbow will replace them with newer models. Because all the systems are carefully selected and built by Oxbow, and are not just cobbled together with parts from Best Buy, everything just plain works. Further, because the hardware is selected and maintained by Oxbow, at Oxbow’s expense, you know that Oxbow does everything it can to minimize problems.

Primary Care

In primary care, we need flexibility. The typical patient doesn’t just have one complaint. He comes to see you for a migraine and then, just as you’re about to leave, “Oh, by the way, my elbow has been really sore lately.”

Only Oxbow has the Dynamic Encounter Templates that let you easily add unlimited unrelated complaints to the encounter and document everything as fast as the patient can describe his problems. You don’t need to waste time making notes or re-dictating the problems after you or the patient leaves the room (but the Oxbow EMR does support both handwriting recognition and speech recognition as a bridge for new users).

"The deciding factor for me, the reason Oxbow stood out from the crowd, was its attention to quality measures and managing population data."

"We trained for 4 hours on Sunday and on Monday we saw 30 patients. Each patient was entered into the EMR system and we were able to leave the clinic on time."

"...the query function allows me to search my patient database to find out who is overdue for preventative care..."

"We increased our billings in the first week using the Oxbow EMR."

"The Oxbow team [has] been very helpful throughout the entire process of implementation."

"The Oxbow EMR allows me to complete the entire encounter at the time the patient is present."

"...the reason Oxbow stood out from the crowd, was its attention to quality measures and managing population data."

"In a small solo practice, efficiency is just as important as a large busy practice...Oxbow meets all my needs and does it incred ibly well!"

"My staff consists of mainly high school graduates with minimal computer training and they were able to use the system from day one."

"I would highly recommend it [the Oxbow EMR] to anyone wanting an efficient, easy to use system, which is extremely fast."

"The OWL component has made communication much simpler."

"I am no longer having to stay late to dictate charts."

"I am no longer having to stay late to dictate charts."

Urgent Care

To be effective for Urgent Care, an EMR or EHR must be blazing fast to keep up with the high volume of patients. As a system designed from the ground up to increase practice efficiency and reduce the administrative burden on physicians, the Oxbow EMR is simply the fastest and best EMR for Urgent Care. As the doctor, you are the most expensive resource. Therefore, anything that saves you time, improves your bottom line.

Look at it this way: let’s say you see 30 patients per day, a conservative figure for a typical urgent care physician, and let's further say you spend an average of about 10 minutes with each patient. If one system saves or costs you as little as 30 seconds more or less time per patient than another, that’s a difference of a full 15 minutes per day, or an entire patient. If you generate, conservatively, an average of $100 per patient, that’s $100 per day, $500/week, and over $24k per year (assuming reasonable vacation time, of course). And that’s just from 30 seconds per patient for a single physician.

If the Oxbow EMR saves you 1 minute, instead of 30 seconds, compared with the system you're using now or considering using, that changes to $48k per year. And, if you see more than 30 patients per day, these time savings become even more valuable.

The other issue facing many urgent care facilitiies is a large number of part time practitioners. The Oxbow EMR addresses this in two ways:

  • By being extremely easy to use, with all information presented and accessed in 2 screens, even part time users have no trouble mastering and using the Oxbow EMR for their 1 or 2 days on site.
  • Oxbow EMR’s Urgent Care pricing model is based solely on the number of tablets you deploy. It is entirely independent of the number of practitioners and number of patients you see. Unlike other systems that penalize your practice as your efficiency improves and you see more patients, Oxbow will never do that to you.


Oxbow currently directly supports the following specialists either as solo practices or as part of larger multi-speciality practices:

  • Dermatology
  • Gerontology
  • Ob/Gyn
  • Pediatrics

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