"The Oxbow EMR makes practicing medicine fun again."

"The Oxbow EMR has improved my ability to charge for the appropriate level of service."

"I love the Oxbow EMR!"

"I couldn't run my practice, at least not profitably, without the Oxbow EMR."

Ease & Speed

  • Outrageously easy.

  • Blazingly fast.

  • Faster than paper or dictation.

  • New user support: handwriting and dictation


  • Automated charting.

  • Real-time Decision Support.

  • Proactive Medicine.

  • Fully automated Quality reporting.


  • Flat monthly fee.

  • No upfront fee.

  • No hidden fees.

  • No add-on module fees.

  • No update or maintenance fees.

  • Hardware and installation included.

  • Hardware under warranty for life.

ONC HIT Certification Program

Transparency Attestation Requirement:

45 CFR &170.523(k)(2)



In the affirmative

In support of enhanced marketplace transparency and visibility into the costs and performance of certified health IT products and services and the business practices of health IT providers, Oxbow Intellectual Property, LLC hereby attests it will provide in a timely manner, in plain writing, and in a manner calculated to inform, any part (including all) of the information to be disclosed under 45CFR & 170.523 (k)(1) under the following circumstances:

To all customers of Oxbow’s EMR prior to providing or entering into any agreement to provide certified health IT or related products or service (including subsequent updates, add-ons, or additional products or services during the course of an on-going agreement.

R.W. Mengel                                  President              March 12, 2016

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