"The Oxbow EMR makes practicing medicine fun again."

"The Oxbow EMR has improved my ability to charge for the appropriate level of service."

"I love the Oxbow EMR!"

"I couldn't run my practice, at least not profitably, without the Oxbow EMR."

Ease & Speed

  • Outrageously easy.

  • Blazingly fast.

  • Faster than paper or dictation.

  • New user support: handwriting and dictation


  • Automated charting.

  • Real-time Decision Support.

  • Proactive Medicine.

  • Fully automated Quality reporting.


  • Flat monthly fee.

  • No upfront fee.

  • No hidden fees.

  • No add-on module fees.

  • No update or maintenance fees.

  • Hardware and installation included.

  • Hardware under warranty for life.

Management and Founding Team

Chief Executive Officer, Shawn Moyer, M.D.

Dr. Moyer maintains a solo practice in Rossville, Pennsylvania, Pinchot Family Medicine, where he has pioneered a unique Ideal Medical Practice (IMP) around the Oxbow EMR. To prove the strength of the Oxbow system, Dr. Moyer first ensured that he could manage his entire practice including a full complement of patients, with only one assistant, while maintaining reasonable work hours, + still providing personal care to each patient. Dr. Moyer earned his M.D. from Jefferson Medical College. After residency he spent several years caring for indigent patients through a community health center. Dr. Moyer also cofounded Aptagen, Inc, a biotech company specializing in gene construction and protein expression, where he served as a Director and its Chief Medical Officer.

Chief Medical Officer, Matthew Hahn, M.D.

Dr. Hahn is a family physician and co-owner of an Ideal Medical Practice, Hahn and Nelson Family Medicine, powered by Oxbow EMR. Dr. Hahn previously served as the medical director of a community health center for close to 9 years. He was the 2006 Maryland Family Physician of the Year, a finalist for the 2007 American Family Physician of the Year, and Maryland's 2007 Outstanding Rural Health Practitioner. Dr. Hahn has developed multiple innovations and programs in practice redesign, chronic disease management, + community health promotion, notably the Health Olympics, a free community health project that has enrolled close to 2,000 participants since 2003.

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Colin Higbie

Mr. Higbie has launched new products in diverse markets, spanning biotechnology to high-tech surveillance to touchscreen video games. Mr. Higbie co-founded and served as President of Aptagen, Inc., where he helped launch the gene synthesis industry and built a multi-million dollar business that sold to over 100 of the top pharma and biotech clients. He was also named to the 2001 Top 40 under 40 group of top performing CEO’s under 40 years old. Mr. Higbie went on to organize product development and then serve as VP of Marketing for videoNEXT where he worked primarily with the medical industry and the military. Most recently, Mr. Higbie served as Chief Strategist and head of Marketing for AMI Entertainment Network, owner of the largest on-premise interactive digital network in the world (formerly Merit Entertainment) where he also led the product design and corporate development teams. At AMI Mr. Higbie worked on simplifying and improving touchscreen interface design, developing new customer-friendly business models, and assembling licensing and other deals with numerous partners, including top Fortune 100 firms.

Vice President Software Development, Neil Corbett

Mr. Corbett has been a developer of medical software for over 20 years, encompassing pathology systems, specialty care units, and United Kingdom EMR technologies. Initially, he was part of the programming team for a major clinical chemistry system in the U.K. before becoming the lead programmer on a laboratory microbiology system. From there he became involved in writing decision support software designed to encapsulate consultant protocols for lipid, diabetes, and asthma management. A graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University in mathematics, computer science + secondary education and with certifications from Microsoft and Sun Microsystems, Mr. Corbett has always brought a determination to write clinical software driven by the needs of physician in their day to day work in front of patients.

Customer Service and IT Director, Mark Caltagirone

Mr. Caltagirone has served as an IT executive for nearly fifteen years. He has deep experience implementing mobile networks and IT services. Mr. Caltagirone co-founded and served as IT Director for jittl.com. He also founded and served as President of Nerd911, an IT Service outsourcing and consulting firm. Through Nerd911 and other indepdendent consulting projects, Mr. Caltagirone has provided IT consulting services to dozens of businesses in the 5-25 seat scale, implemented security and cloud data storage and management systems, and engineered mixed mode landline, wireless, and cellular networks.